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        • 疾病和傷害預防;
        • 健康和福利的提升;
        • 健康、安全和環境風險削減;
        • 污染預防;
        • 自然資源節約。







      提供途徑確保員工理解 HSEMS 的相關方面,并與員工溝通,使他們能夠咨詢并參與評估和處理公司面臨的 HSE 領域的風險;








      2020 09 18

      Health, Safety and Environmental Policy

      (“HSE Policy”)

      CCEC mission demands that everything we do leads to a cleaner, healthier and safer environment.

      CCEC’s leadership will facilitate this mission by providing the necessary resources and information to meet aggressive improvement targets in the areas of:

        • Illness and injury prevention;
        • Health and wellbeing promotion;
        • Health, safety and environmental risk reduction;
        • Pollution prevention; and
        • Natural resources conservation.

      CCEC has implemented the Enterprise Health, Safety, Environmental and the Energy Management System (HSEMS), consisting of procedures, processes and tools, to deliver on the commitments of this policy. Every CCEC employee and person working for or on behalf of CCEC is expected to comply with this Policy.

      To meet the objectives of this Policy, we must

      Set substantial and measurable objectives in managing health, safety, environment and the energy and commit to continual improvement in these areas.

      Identify and pursue opportunities to use our talents and capabilities to improve the environment and quality of life in the communities where we operate.

      Continue to implement management programs developed to ensure that our products, services and activities always comply with applicable laws and other requirements established to protect health, safety, environment and the energy conservation.

      Continually work to reduce

      • our emissions and discharges to air, land and water;
      • the amount of waste we generate;and
      • the amount of natural resources that we use, including water, energy and raw materials;

      Provide the means to ensure employee understanding of relevant facets of the HSEMS and to engage with the workforce to allow their consultation and participation in assessing and addressing areas of HSE risk to the company;

      Systemically assess operations that have the potential to harm people or impact the environment and aggressively work towards risk elimination.

      Evaluate the machinery, equipment, products and services we use, preferring those with the best possible health, safety, environmental and energy performance.

      Be transparent in our efforts to improve health, safety, environment and energy by reporting details of our performance to the public; and

      Periodically review and communicate our progress toward our objectives.

      Finally, our efforts to pursue excellence in health, safety, environment and energy conservation require the attention and care of every employee, especially leadership, throughout Cummins.

      It will be communicated to all employees on a regular basis and will be made available to the public at any time.




      General Manager (Signature) Yuan Jun

      Date 2020.09.18