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      CCEC Held the Fifth Employee Sports Meeting



      The fifth sports meeting in which all of the 1802 employees participated was held by Chongqing Cummins Engine Company, Ltd. (CCEC) in 2012. All the employees enjoyed the health and happiness brought by sports.



      The grand opening ceremony took place on May 19. Athletes from 17 teams walked across the rostrum in a spirited manner, for the review of leaders of the company. Two hundred and ninety athletes did a broadcast gymnastics show which was neat and uniform. In the competition of four events including relay race and tug-of-war etc., employees showed their fighting, solidary and indomitable spirits.



      Athlete representative Xi Bing said: "We shall participate in this sports meeting positively, promoting Olympic spirit, and showing our style and competence in the sports. Meanwhile, we shall incarnate the spirit of Higher, Faster and Stronger into our job, so as to repay the company with better results."



      Andrew Penca, CCEC General Manager, said, “CCEC started a journey of going from domestic to global. Creating the best environment to empower people is one of the key factors to make this new journey successful. The sports meeting of CCEC can play a positive role in building team spirit and unleashing the power of employees.”



      The sports meeting began in Mar 2012 and will continue till November. There are totally 14 sports and 32 events in this sports meeting.