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      CCEC Gains Better Benefit in Energy-saving and Emission Reduction

      In recent years, Chongqing Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. (CCEC) takes an active part in the global actions on energy-saving and emission reduction, and better environmental and economic benefits are achieved. Especially, the just closed project “emission reduction and benefits increase by eliminating high energy consumption equipment” is the highlight.
      In the early of 2010, CCEC built up a professional team and the team members collected a great deal of data, made carefully analysis & screening and finally defined following key areas for improvement. Termination of the usage of current cupolas, replace 6-ton boiler, change the transformer and lighting facilities. These improvements had been completed by the end of 2011.
      制造工程總監兼項目負責人陸慰敏說:“該項目的環境效益和經濟效益顯著。項目完成后,每年可減少消耗標準煤865噸,減少二氧化碳排放2,100噸,同時,每年可為公司降低費用428 k美元,投資回報率162%!
      Lu Weimin, director of Manufacturing Engineering and project manager, says it brings us obvious environmental and economic benefit. After completion of the project, 865 tons of standard coal consumption and 2100 tons of CO2 can be reduced. In the meanwhile, 428K USD cost could be saved and 162% ROI could be achieved by the company annually.
      Andrew Penca, CCEC General Manager, says it is a quite good project from the team members of various departments. The critical factor for success of the project owing to the usage of Six Sigma tools to find out key factors and make improvement. He also expresses that CCEC shall continue to fulfill its social responsibility and strive for creating a low carbon and green environment.